New Hootsuite feature could save social media marketing blushes

Sadly many of us involved in social media marketing have committed the social media management faux pas of posting messages to the wrong account from a social media tool like Hootsuite. While management tools help with managing multiple social media accounts, posting, scheduling, and analytics, the method of simply clicking on an icon to choose which account to post to has left many social media marketing experts rushing to hit the delete button to avoid looking like a fool.

When I cover Hootsuite, or any other management tools, in social media marketing training sessions for SocialB, I always stress how easy it is to post the wrong account by clicking the wrong icon. This was something that an Amercian Red Cross worker found out the hard way when he posted his joy at finding more beer to the charity’s corporate Twitter account rather than his personal account.

Thankfully rogue tweets such as the ‘Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch Beer‘ tweet by the American Red Cross, should now be a thing of the past, or at least that is the intention. Hootsuite has just revamped its interface which now makes posting content to the wrong account much more difficult. Users now have to click on a drop-down menu to choose the account they wish to post to, displaying both the account image and name.

Having used it for a few days I feel reassured. Despite the clunky nature of the drop-down menu, which at first seems like a drawn out and tedious way of doing things, I’m having to think about and select the appropriate account to post to. Hopefully this new Hootsuite feature will spare many social media manager’s blushes in the future.

Have you been using Hootsuite’s new dropdown feature as a tool to help your social media marketing? Let me know what you think about it.

[Original published on June 21, 2013]